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I don't do mp3 anymore that's why


LAS is a music program developed with max/msp/jitter for live performance.

All sounds coming from the outside world in real time are recycled and modified

into the frequency domain; all the spectral informations are retrieved in order to freely

shape the sound and then refreshed in order to get a pitch/beat detection for triggering

an analog synth. LAS approaches 'autogenerative' music... in such a way as to preserve

and make use of the original energy of the sound material as well as the emotion

of a musical experience which happens only once (with regard to computer music).

All the live sessions made with LAS are powered by Renewable Energy coming from

a mobile photovoltaic power system.




I make mobile audio recordings everywhere, in and outdoor, with a mobile Photovoltaic

Power System and the following equipment: [1]Mobile Computer - [1]PrismSound ORPHEUS -

[2]Neumann/Gefell CMV563 restored by Andreas Grosser and Thiersch, the capsules are

(2)M55K, (1)M7, (1)STW7, (1)M8 - [2]Lomo 19a19 - [2]Lomo UM 51 - [1]Lomo MD-300-iy2

- [1]Sony C48 - [1]Sennheiser MDS 1 - [1]Sony ECM88B - [1]Sony PCM D100 -› For more

informations about the audio recording service or other sound applications –––-›

please contact me:

doubleM is a duo composed of Matteo Salvemini and Miyuki Hayakawa, these songs

are included in the CD titled demo5, released in 2007

Listen to a Vinyl now: Saisei Koubou (再生~工房) - ACT MIN TANAKA (1987). Side_A: -1-

Saiseikoi (再生行為) -2- Itsudatsushita (逸脱した俳人). Side_B: -1- Bohatei (防波堤)

-2- Kiron (奇論) -3- Nichibotsu (日没). Musicians: - Uchino Hiromi (内野宏海 うちのひろみ)

bass/voice - Enomoto Ryuichi (榎本隆一 えのもとりゅういち) guitar - Fukushima Toru

(福嶋透 ふくしまとおる) keyboard - Sasaki Masahiro (佐々木政博 ささきまさひろ) drums/percussion.

Guest musician: Hirota Tokuomi (広田徳臣 ひろたとくおみ) voice. Sound technician:

Kenji Yoshida and Satoru Takazawa.